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When looking for surplus or second hand used welding equipment and machines can be a confusing experience. Who do you trust? Where is the best place to buy used weld equipment, dealers, individuals or online broker websites? How do you know you are getting a good deal or buying a pig in a poke?

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We provide resource information on brands like Miller Electric, Chemtron, Compakomatic, Lincoln Electric, Airco, Thermadyne, ESAB, Everlast, Powcon, Thermal Dynamics, Hobart, Linde, Systematics, Century, Westinghouse, Forney, Union Carbide and many other manufactures of welding machines and equipment. Many of the companies welding history are out of business or they have been purchased by other welding companies. Sometimes there are parts and repair options for older welding equipment, many time old welding machines power supplies can make good boat anchors. They are not worth much more so beware when buying second hand used welders and welding equipment.

This is Information for metalworking enthusiasts, buyers, users, engineers and welders seeking old used welding macines and equipment information. Including how and what used weld equipment or machines are required. We will try to add updated used welding machinery information weekly. Our mission to help people to understand where to buy or sell used welding machines and equipment. If you have relevent used welding related inforation please contact us about sharing that welding equipment information.

Fabricators and welders resource has some useful information and links to welding equipment and metalworking machines. Find welding education and training for the welders looking to improve skill levels.The Fabricator welding related information source can help welders locate new and used weld machines and equipment of current and past designs. Resource for welding process types to help welders identify what welding equipment and machines they may need to purchase or sell.