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Welding enthusiast, welders and fabricators used weld equipment online location to find obsolete parts or buy or sell used machines used for welding. Honest resources for surplus second hand equipment exchange of used equipment for sale by owners. UWEL is a trusted place that provides essential used welding machinery connections. Our website offers quality filtered resources for used welding equipment and related companies. Providing a non-paid informational connections to used welders for sale as well buyers and sellers websites.

Warnings on buying used welding equipment and machines. We offer quality welding equipment people and companies who have shown to be reputable dealers. Sources for fabricators and fabricating company purchasing agents who are looking to buy or sell surplus used welding equipment and machinery.

Where can I find old used welding equipment and machines parts for sale?

Where people can find good used welders information on where to locate welder replacement parts or repair. This is not always as easy as it sounds to find out about an old used Lincoln or Miller welder part number. The purpose of our non-profit website is to provide welders, fabricators, metalworkers, buyers and sellers of second hand welding equipment and machines a place where they can locate relevant links to companies and people who are good buyers and sellers of used weld equipment, parts, and power sources for sale and repair information.

Where you locate surplus used welding machines and equipment for sale cheap.

The website’s mission and goal is to provide the skilled and amateur welders, metal workers and blacksmiths an online source to locate quality information on used welding related equipment and machines. We also provide links to manufacture's older outdated welding equipment product sources to help locate hard to find used machine replacement parts suggestions.

We provide quality resources for welding enthusiasts, welders and fabricators.

Trying to find a place to buy or sell second hand welding equipment and machines can be frustrating. It is hard to know a fair price and whom to trust. Our website provides advice for people seeking old used welding machines and equipment, who are looking for an outdated or obsolete part for a weld machines at a fair price. One example would be any Miller welders that are older in age past seven years of manufacture. ITW/Miller obsoleted their welders and no longer support their older welding machine parts. Miller welders choose to limit the support for older obsolete Miller welders, likely so people would just buy a new one. Lack of parts has left a lot of fabricators, welders and dealers with using older used welders and equipment that are useless once broken. Many obsolete power supplies are only good for replacement parts.

Manufactures of welding related equipment and machines have been in a consolidation mode for the last decade or longer. The Hobart/Miller companies merger started the process of consolidation with Thermadyne, ITW and Lincoln Electric buying up smaller welder manufactures. Many welding machine and equipment related companies like Arc Products and CWT were purchased by Lincoln Electric. EBAB absorbed Linde/Union Carbide product line L-Tec, Thermadyne Group included names like Victor Equipment, Hobart, Smith Equipment, Bernard, Thermal Dynamics, Tweco, Systematic Welders, etc. Common names many metal fabricators and welders once knew like Smith Welding Equipment and Jetline are all becoming rebranded as Miller products.

Our goal is to help find old equipment parts and others looking to locate obsolete or outdated hard to find weld related welding machines and cutting equipment. Seeking to locate needed parts and surplus tooling with Oxy-fuel cutting and welding info and history including . If you need help finding an old power supply or welder part, we hope our website will help you search for difficult to find obsolete welder power supply machine parts.

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Welders will find links to information on old used welding equipment and machines manufactures from Lincoln, Miller, Thermal Arc, Hobart, ESAB, L-Tec, Linde, Airco, and Westinghouse. We do not sell any products; we do provide suggestions on where to locate the second hand machine or equipment you might need. We are old guys who worked in the welding fabrication and metal working related industry for decades. We want to give back so help to pay forward for others who love welding like we do.

Where to Find Obsolete Surplus Welding Equipment for Sale or Purchase

Our website is a community of welding enthusiasts, fabricators and welders can find links to older second hand used equipment from Ransome Company, Aronson, Jetline, Smith Equipment, MITUSA, Thermal Dynamics, Teledyne Readco, Worthington, Webb Corp and Airline welding machinery.

Used welding resources are what this website is all about. The links to the used weld machine resources have been vetted as quality used equipment dealers, buyers and sellers. Please let us know if you wish to be listed on our website. There is no fee, but we do vet all websites and listings.